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Bray Wyatt Released By WWE Due To THIS Reason; Braun Strowman Shares A Cryptic Tweet For Him

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And WWE continues to shock us! In another high-profile confusing move, the company has released Bray Wyatt. It’s definitely a super shock for pro-wrestling fans as Wyatt was one of the most creative minds in the promotion. There are multiple reasons that are coming to the ground, but most of the experts and insiders are zeroing in on the one important reason.

As per insiders, WWE has released Bray Wyatt due to budget cuts. Many are stating it to be a ‘personal’ reason, but there’s no clarity on it. What’s more interesting is that the promotion was reportedly planning a match for Wyatt at SummerSlam 2021.

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Bray Wyatt’s last appearance

Wyatt had a match with Randy Orton at Wrestlemania 37 this year. He even appeared on the very next episode of RAW post Wrestlemania. And that was Wyatt’s last appearance. Since then, Wyatt was on a hiatus due to personal reasons.

Reactions on Wyatt’s release

WWE announced the news of Wyatt’s release through the official Twitter handle. The tweet reads, “WWE has come to terms on the release of Bray Wyatt. We wish him the best in all his future endeavors.”

Reacting to it, WWE legend Mick Foley wrote, “With @WWE’s release of @WWEBrayWyatt the company has lost a true visionary and a creative genius; one of the most innovative makers of mayhem pro-wrestling has ever seen. Here’s hoping Bray finds happiness and recreates himself once again – in wrestling, in life…or both.”

Braun Strowman’s cryptic tweet

As we all know, Strowman has been approached by both WWE and AEW. Even though he hasn’t made any choice yet but his tweet has definitely created a mysterious impact. Reacting to Wyatt’s release, Strowman wrote, “Brother I’m waiting!!!!!!”

Meanwhile, just a couple of days ago, Bray Wyatt was spotted in the best shape of his life. It clearly suggested that the pro-wrestler is trying to improve his in-ring acting skills. Let’s wait and watch to see what’s next from Wyatt.

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