Wednesday, June 19, 2024

WWE Wants Braun Strowman & The Rock Back To Overpower AEW Signing CM Punk?

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The pro-wrestling world is witnessing an interesting time as big promotions- WWE and AEW, are making some big changes to overpower each other. Reportedly, CM Punk is now all elite, a move that will sting his former promotion for a long. But there’s a twist in a tale as Vince McMahon and co. are trying their best options by considering Braun Strowman and The Rock’s return.

Yes, there have been reports that WWE has approached Adam Scherr aka Braun Strowman for re-signing. It was on June 2, ‘the monster among men’ was released by the promotion due to budget cuts. Obviously, it shocked the entire pro-wrestling world as he was in his prime. But now, it won’t be a surprise if he returns (of course, with a much bigger deal in his kitty) just like Samoa Joe’s unexpected re-hiring.

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What’s more interesting is that Strowman has even reacted to such reports on Twitter, while replying to Kai Greene (former professional bodybuilder). Kai posted a news link of a portal that had a report about WWE wanting Strowman back. Strowman did drop a cryptic message with his reply.

Bringing Braun Strowman back would definitely help Vince McMahon is creating ripples against the rivals.

Another big breaking is, WWE has approached Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock for his return. Even though not many details are available, the Brahma bull will appear during Survivor Series (November 2021). Other than him, Bray Wyatt too will make his return soon, mostly in next month.

Meanwhile, it’s learned that a couple of days ago, CM Punk has signed a deal with AEW and is expected to show up in November. Interestingly, Daniel Bryan, who too was approached by Tony Khan’s promotion, is yet to sign a deal.

Stay tuned for more pro-wrestling updates!

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