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Phil Heath Does Unthinkable! Mid Section Is Fixed Now, But Is He Really Going For Mr. Olympia 2021?

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Phil Heath has finally controlled his mid section! No, we aren’t joking but the thing has happened. It’s a nice tight slap to all those who were writing ‘The Gift’ off the pro-bodybuilding.

For those who aren’t aware, Phil being the winner of Mr. Olympia 2017 was really a controversial decision because it was the time when Phil’s bubble gut prominently appeared. Back then, he didn’t has an issue controlling it during the posing. It was in 2018 when not just judges but even Phil’s own fans witnessed the mid section getting worse.

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While Phil Heath did lack the ability to control his gut, his hernia problems were one of the major factors which caused trouble in his mid section. Cut to now, post-surgery in 2018, the 7-time Mr. Olympia is in a rocking shape. Not just he is now managing his gut, Phil’s waist too is looking super trimmed. His obliques too are visible.

Here’s a glimpse of Phil Heath’s brand new gut transformation:

Phil Heath Gut Fixed
image source- Instagram | image by- philheath


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One can easily spot scar marks of surgery around his abs, but that’s not a big deal if Phil holds his gut for a long during the posing.

The only thing now remains to see is if Phil will participate in Mr. Olympia 2021 or not. It was heard that ‘The Gift’ will not compete for Mr. Olympia, but who knows, he might just change his mind.

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