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When Shah Rukh Khan Destroyed Prabhu Chawla: “Aaj Tak Kharid Lunga, Tereko Naukar Rakh Lunga” (Simply Savage #2)

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We are back with our special section ‘Simply Savage’ that we started recently. And who better than Shah Rukh Khan to grace the list. Remember his savage reply to senior journalist Prabhu Chawla? If not, don’t worry, we are here to help you.

Before we get started, let us inform you about our newly started section, Simply Savage. In this section, we recall some of the most savage replies of celebrities from the entertainment industry. Today, it’s our second story in the section. So, without wasting any time, let’s get started.

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Shah Rukh Khan is a king of savage replies. If you dare to ask him some stingy or silly questions, just get away and stay safe for a nuclear blast that’s coming in return. If you have to experience Shah Rukh’s savage avatar, just remember Prabhu Chawla hosting him on a popular candid chat show, Seedhi Baat.

Shah Rukh has been one of the most favourite celebrity guests of Prabhu Chawla. However, once, out of curiosity he asked Prabhu, why does he often call him for an interview. Prabhu didn’t hold back as he replied, “Tum paise kamate rehte ho, bohot budhe hogaye ho. Cricket mein ghus gaye, idhar ghus gaye, yaha ghus gaye” (You keep earning money, you are too old now. You entered into Cricket, you invested here, you invested there).

Shah Rukh Khan gave it back like a boss as he said, “Tumhe kya pareshaani hai? Mein itna paisa kamaunga, itna paisa kamaunga ki Aaj Tak kharid lunga aur tereko naukar rakh lunga” (What is your problem? I will earn so much that I will buy your channel Aaj Tak and keep you as my servant).

Prabhu Chawla himself narrating the incident (watch it from 2:20 minutes):

Now, that’s really a kicka** reply, don’t you think?

Interestingly, Prabhu has interviewed Shah Rukh Khan 8-9 times on the same show. Irrespective of such tense conversations, the two share a good equation.

Stay tuned to Chiubaba for more Simply Savage stories.

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