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Alia Bhatt Once Said, “Wo Hila Raha Hai” & Left Shahid Kapoor Embarrassed With Her Dirty Joke (Simply Savage #3)

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We are back here with another ‘Simply Savage’ story. Today’s amazing celebrity on the list is Alia Bhatt. In the past few years, Alia has carved her irreplaceable place in Bollywood. Not just acting, the Gully Boy actress is well known for her fun interviews and chat with the media. One such incident is when she said, “Wo hila raha hai”. Do you remember it? If not, then don’t worry.

Before we get started, let us inform you about our newly started section called ‘Simply Savage’. Here, we cover some of the best replies or thug life moments of celebrities from the entertainment industry. We, in no way, glorify any insulting or disgusting remarks (if there are any). It’s for entertainment purposes only. Take it on a lighter note.

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So, today is our 3rd ‘Simply Savage’ story and it’s about Bollywood beauty, Alia Bhatt. Alia is really a media-friendly celebrity who loves having fun during live events and interviews. Today’s throwback incident took place during one of the promotional events of the film, Shaandaar. Along with her, Shahid Kapoor and director Vikas Bahl were present on the stage.

During the event, every one of the team decides to play a game including media people present there. In a fun mood, Alia Bhatt poins towards one media person and says, “Uska, wo hila raha hai waha se…dedo, uska dedo. Sorry, wo paper hila raha hai, dedo” (He is shaking there something…give it. Sorry, he is shaking a paper, give it). Do we really need to explain the joke?

Don’t know if Alia intentionally cracked a dirty joke, but she feels embarrassed after saying those words as she hides behind Vikas Bahl. Initially, Shahid Kapoor feels clueless about what just happened but later has an embarrassed laugh after decoding Alia’s double-meaning words.

Watch the video below:

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