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When Salman Khan Said Aamir Khan Didn’t Get Caught Due To His Sweet Look: “Bach Jaata Hai Woh” (Simply Savage)

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Salman Khan is simply an amazing individual. Forget whatever he does on the screen, the man is an amazing entertainer off the screen too. If you want to enjoy the thug life of Salman, just watch some of his old interviews. To lessen your efforts, we’ll be taking you back to one old interview, in which he made some amusing remarks on Aamir Khan.

We at Chiubaba, have started a new section of ‘Simply Savage’. Under it, we’ll be covering some of the savage moments of popular Indian and Hollywood celebrities. In today’s piece i.e. the inaugural star is none other than, Salman Khan.

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We decided to go through some old interviews of Salman. We got on our hands on a couple of them but decided to go with one in which the Dabangg actor pulled Mr. Perfectionist’s leg.

On the official YouTube channel of ITMB Shows, we got a rare Salman Khan interview from the year 1992. The interview took place in Vancouver. Not just Salman but even Raveena Tandon and Aamir Khan were brought to Vancouver by P. Walia, for one of the biggest Bollywood concerts. The interview happened after the live concert.

The interviewer was trying to ask Salman about Aamir. Initially, Salman dodged the question but later agreed to answer. The interviewer asks, “Yeh jo afwaaein hum jo Aamir ke baare mein sun rahe hai..” (we keep hearing affair rumours related to Aamir). Salman interrupts, “Woh Aamir ke baare mein nahi, mere baare mein hai” (these rumours are about me and not Aamir).

Salman Khan takes a funny dig saying, “Aamir has got this really clean image, I don’t know how he manages it.” The interviewer asks, “Why do you think he got this clean image and you don’t have a clean image?” Salman replies, “Because, he’s married and he has very sweet look. He keeps saying this all the time ‘I love my wife, crazy about my wife’ and so…bach jaata hai woh (never gets caught).”

Skip to 8:50 minutes and thanks us later:

Hope you enjoyed the story! Stay tuned to Chiubaba for more.

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