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Fan Of KGF Star Yash Commits Suicide, Requested Him To Attend Funeral In A Suicide Note

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Post KGF Chapter 1, Yash is a phenomenon all across the country. Not just restricted to Sandalwood industry but the star is now enjoying a PAN appeal. But there’s one heartbreaking news that has left him crushed and that’s about suicide of his fan.

The tragic incident took place in Kodidoddi village of Mandya district in Karnataka. As per Mandya police, a 25-year-old guy named Ramakrishna was found hanged in his house and one suicide was discovered from the deceased. As per his note, he mentioned himself as the biggest failure. He mentioned that he couldn’t be a good son to his mother and a good brother to his elder brother. His note also states that he failed in his love life too.

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In a suicide note, Ramakrishna had also written that he is a big fan of KGF actor Yash and Karnataka’s Congress leader Siddaramaiah. He mentioned his last wish requesting both his idols to attend his funeral.

Siddaramaiah did attend Ramakrishna’s last rites in Kodidoddi, while Yash took to Twitter and shared a really good message for all his die-hard fans. He said that he doesn’t expect such extreme steps to be taken in life.

Siddaramaiah said, “I don’t think I have ever met him. But it is very saddening to meet your fan under such circumstances. None should end life at such a young age.” While the KGF actor shared, “We actors live to hear your whistles and claps and love that you shower on us. This is not I expect from you (fans).”

May Ramakrishna’s soul rest in peace!

(note- If you are suffering from suicidal thoughts, please don’t take an extreme step. Call Jeevan Aastha Helpline- 1800 233 3330, AASRA- 09820466726, One Life Foundation- 7893078930 and other helplines for proper counselling.)

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