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Happy Birthday J Hope! Here’re Are Some Points Which Will ‘Hopefully’ Make You A Fan Of BTS’ Sunshine

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Jung Ho-Seok, well known by his stage name J Hope, is one of the seven members of BTS. He is one of the rappers and dancer of the group. As he turns 27 today, we’ll be taking a look at why he is known as the sunshine of the group.

For the unversed, Hope’s first solo mixtape “Hope World” was released on March 1, 2018. His recent solo song was “Outro: Ego” for BTS‘s album “Map Of The Soul:7”. Hope is known for his moves, dance and his positive attitude.

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Best hyung (big brother) and dongsaeng (the little one) for BTS

J Hope always helps his group members like teaching choreography. If any member has difficulty in his moves, he is always there to help. Not only choreography he also brightens the mood of the group by staying on their side. Although all the maknae line (younger members of the group) teases him all the time, still he is always ready to help out them with everything. He also motivates them whenever the members feel down and that’s why he is known as the sunshine of BTS.

BTS Group Pic
BTS Group Pic (credit- bts/twitter)
Best sunbae (senior)

Hope has always been a supportive member of the group. During the showcase for the release of TXT’s album “The Dream Chapter: Eternity”, he enlightened TXT band members with his words of wisdom. He guided them only to focus on their performance and show true potential.

Mood maker

J Hope shows an effort to make everyone happy and joyful. He made a choice to become just like his name and give everyone hope. Whenever his members are struggling he goes the extra mile and stays by their side. According to Rap Monster, the 27-year-old takes up half of his responsibilities which includes looking after the members. And he often offers shoulder for his members to cry on.

Role model

Because of brilliant dance moves, Hobi is a famous dancer in hometown, Gwangju. Although he is famous and successful, he never takes his success for granted and always attempts to improve his dance skills. For him, there is always room for improvement. He always tries to improve his skills even he is a perfectionist in his dancing skills and one of the best dancers in K pop.

J Hope Dynamite
(credit- bts.bighitofficial/instagram)
Kind to all living creatures!

Hobi is a kind soul, especially towards animals. He is like a parent for V’s dog, Yeontan, and his pet Mickey.

J Hope is damn cute!

We all know who is best in BTS when it comes to doing aegyo (expressing cuteness). His aegyo always brightens the mood of ARMY and his group members. His angelic aegyo can make your day better. Even his dimples are something to die for!

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