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RRR (Hindi) Budget & Box Office Returns: Is SS Rajamouli’s Magnum Really A Clean Hit?

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SS Rajamouli has done it again! The man who hasn’t delivered a single flop has struck gold with RRR. Starring Ram Charan and Jr NTR, the magnum opus continues its glorious run and looking at the momentum, it seems that the film isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

The film is a pan-Indian project and has been released in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada languages. Every version has contributed really well at the box office, with Telugu and Hindi leading the race. Especially, the Hindi version has come out very well by showing terrific hold for over a month now.

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As of now, RRR (Hindi) stands at a grand total of 261.83 crores. It looks a big total indeed considering it is coming from just one version but is it enough to make this SS Rajamouli film a box office Hit? Let’s find out.

Budget of RRR (Hindi)

Here, we’ll be considering the theatrical distribution rights’ cost as the film’s budget. If trade reports are to be believed, theatrical rights of RRR’s Hindi version were sold at a cost of 140 crores to Jayantilal Gada’s Pen Studios. The deal was locked as a part of a blanket deal, which also includes satellite, digital and electronic rights of the Hindi dubbed version.

How much RRR (Hindi) needs to earn to become a box office Hit?

As per the basic box office formula, a film needs to earn double its cost i.e. 200% of its budget or cost. So, as per it, this Rajamouli’s magnum opus needs to earn 280 crores to become a box office Hit.

RRR has well gone past the 250 crore mark with its Hindi version, but making 280 crores looks like an impossible task considering record-smasher KGF Chapter 2 running in theatres and Runway 34, Heropanti 2 arriving next week.

So with a current total of 261.83 crores, the film is already in a huge profit zone and might end up being a good box office success but not a clean hit.

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