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RRR Movie Review (Hindi): It’s Not A Film But A World Created By SS Rajamouli & You Won’t Mind Surrendering To It!

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RRR Movie Review (Hindi)

Cast- Jr NTR, Ram Charan, Ray Stevenson, Alison Doody, Olivia Morris, Ajay Devgn & Alia Bhatt

Director- SS Rajamouli

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Release date- 25th March 2022

Popcorn score- 9 out of 10

What the film is all about?

RRR is set in the 1920s. British general Scott and his wife visit the Adilabad district (now in Telangana), from where they forcefully take away a cute girl named Malli (belonging to the Gond tribe) to Delhi for a purpose for their sheer amusement. Bheem, who is the leader of the Gond tribe, takes the task of rescuing Malli into his hand and comes to Delhi.

In Delhi, he meets Ram, a policeman in the British force who is always ready to give his sweat and blood to get promoted to a higher rank in the force. Both Bheem and Ram Charan become best buddies in a quick time without unveiling their real identity to each other for a reason. The best buddies turn to best enemies after they get to know the motives of each other.

What happens next? Will Bheem be able to rescue Malli from Scott? Will Ram and Bheem come together again? All these questions are answered in a grand way in the film.

Acting, direction & everything else

Both Ram Charan as Ram and Jr NTR as Bheem have delivered their career-best performance with RRR. Ram’s intensity and zeal is bang on and will literally give you goosebumps. Right from scene one, where he arrests a protesting Indian guy, Ram sets the screen on fire. He has literally lived his character and his switch of emotions will leave you stunned. Be it emotional scenes, action scenes or scenes where he oozes out his frustration, the actor has nailed everything!

The Hindi audience isn’t well aware of Jr NTR’s acting skills. And thanks to SS Rajamouli’s pan-Indian attempt, we got to see his NTR’s best in practically his debut in the Hindi belt. As Bheem, he’s adorable but the anger in him will literally blow you off. He’s lived his character of a strong man. It’s really hard to believe how this man transforms into a beast from being an innocent man. Just like Ram, NTR too looks super energetic throughout the film, especially during action scenes. In some scenes, the feeling of powerlessness in his eyes will leave you teary-eyed.

RRR Movie Review
image source- YouTube | image by- T-Series

Ray Stevenson (Scott) and Alison Doody (Scott’s wife) are just about good in their roles, making you hate their villainous portrayals. Above them, it’s Olivia Morris (Jenny) who is really good. Ajay Devgn, Alia Bhatt has small roles and as usual, they shine in the film.

Speaking about the captain of the ship called RRR, SS Rajamouli, the man has proved once again why he’s the god when it comes to making big films. He has surpassed his Baahubali with this one in terms of grandeur and cinematic experience.

Literally, this man has set the screens on fire the way he has designed the scene. RRR is made on a budget of over 450 crores and Rajamouli justifies the amount spent. In a three-hour-long film, he takes his time establishing the traits of his characters but never makes you feel bored. He has the simplest story on his hand but serves it in his own style.

Rajamouli has always maintained that he prioritises emotions over a grand scale, and in RRR too, there’s a pool of emotions. In the very first scene when Scott takes away Malli with him, there’s no such background score which helps in retaining the realism in the scene and it perfectly hits the audience. Also, be it bringing out the bromance of his leading stars, be it clash between Ram and NTR or bringing out the intensity, the director scores in distinction.

Cinematography is top-notch and the camera literally matches the rapid pace of action scenes. RRR is a visually pleasing film and it seems it has been shot by keeping 3D experience in mind. Action scenes are well designed. Yes, there are over the top scenes but they are choreographed so well that they look real and fresh. While every action sequence is top-notch, the sequence before the interval (no spoilers here) and climax in bang on.

RRR movie review
image source- YouTube | image by- T-Series

Visual effects are really good but there are a couple of glitches here and there, which many won’t even notice. So that’s fine! It levels the VFX work which was seen in magnum opus 2.0. Music by MM Keeravaani suits the film completely with Naacho Naacho and Komuram Bheemedo getting stuck in your mind even after leaving the theatre. The background score is terrific and it creates a whole new experience while watching on the big screen.

When it comes to releasing a South film in the Hindi market, one of the important factors is dubbing. Thankfully, RRR has good dubbing artists who haven’t fallen short in capturing the emotions or energy in scenes.

The only thing which is a concern is that RRR is a lengthy film, and if you’re aware of SS Rajamouli’s previous works, you won’t have any issue with the length.

On a conclusive note…

RRR is more like a world created by SS Rajamouli. Not just entertainment, the director gift you a larger than life experience bundled with never-seen-before action sequences. Such films don’t happen often, so it’s a MUST MUST watch!

(tip- watch it on the best possible 3D or IMAX 3D screen)

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