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Sher Shivraj VS Pawankhind At Box Office: Here’s Who Dominated In First 5 Days

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Good days are back for the Marathi film industry! After the grand success of Pawankhind, Sher Shivraj is now bringing footfalls to theatres and minting a good moolah at the box office.

Interestingly, both the films are helmed by Digpal Lanjekar. In fact, Pawankhind is a predecessor of Lanjekar’s latest release. Both are part of Lanjekar’s series of historical movies on Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Farzand and Fatteshikast are the first two parts.

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Coming back to the latest release, it’s a bit of a lower side when compared to the humongous success of Pawankhind, which even enjoyed the benefit of a good amount of screens. In the case of Digpal Lanjekar’s latest release, it is facing a tough competitor like KGF Chapter 2 in Maharashtra which is running successfully even during weekdays. However, with Jersey failing to attract the audience, Lanjekar’s film has started getting more screens and the effect is clearly seen in box office numbers.

Now, as both Pawankhind and Sher Shivraj belong to the same historical series of the films, let’s take a look at the comparison of the first 5 days’ collection:


Day 1- 1.25 crores

Day 2- 2.20 crores

Day 3- 3.03 crores

Day 4- 1.43 crores

Day 5- 1.41 crores

Total- 9.32 crores

Sher Shivraj

Day 1- 1.05 crores

Day 2- 1.45 crores

Day 3- 1.75 crores

Day 4- 1 crore

Day 5- 0.95 crore* (Tuesday’s estimates)

Total- 6.20 crores*

As one can see, Pawankhind is clearly leading the number game here. But with more screens getting allotted and decent word-of-mouth in the air, the film is expected to put on a good show in the long run.

At Chiubaba, we rated the film with a popcorn score of 4 out of 10 as it fails to generate any sort of excitement with its weak screenplay and direction. The film lack several departments and VFX is one of them. In fact, it’s one of the worst VFX works seen in recent times.

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