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Raksha Bandhan’s Budget Revealed! Know How Akshay Kumar’s Fees With ‘Contingent Sum’ Strategy Has Helped To Control The Cost

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After two back-to-back flops, Akshay Kumar is looking forward to a smashing comeback with Raksha Bandhan. The film looks to be a perfect option for Akshay as it is riding on a comparatively lower budget than the usual biggies of the actor with Akki himself charging a reasonably small amount as his fees and going forward with a contingent sum strategy. Below is everything you need to know about the film.

RB marks the second collaboration between Akshay and director Aanand L Rai after Atrangi Re, which released directly on OTT during Covid. So it will be the duo’s first film to hit theatres and interestingly, it will be facing Aamir Khan’s Laal Singh Chaddha in a clash at the box office clash on 11th August.

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Raksha Bandhan is said to be a mid-budget film by Akshay Kumar considering his recent films had a minimum cost of 100 crores. Now, as per the reports, it is learnt that RB carries a budget of 60-65 crores. Yes, that’s right! It will leave many in surprise considering the fact that Akshay’s fee alone is above 100 crores. Interestingly, the actor is following a contingent sum strategy and has only charged upfront fees for the film.

Akshay Kumar & Bhumi Pednekar fees explained with contingent strategy sum

For those who don’t know, Akshay has charged 36 crores as his upfront fees for Raksha Bandhan as he is also co-producing it. The rest of his earnings will come from the box office business and other deals. We have heard that Akshay has been charging 120 crores per film and for this one too, the actor has reportedly quoted the same. However, here the rest of the sum (120-36) will be settled depending upon the profits made by the film, which might be even smaller if profits aren’t huge. Even if the film becomes a mega-blockbuster and cracks big deals, Akshay will earn a maximum up to 120 crores.

Speaking about Bhumi Pednekar’s fees, the actress has charged 2-3 crores for her role.

How much does Raksha Bandhan need to earn to become a clean box office hit?

To become a clean box office hit, Raksha Bandhan will need to double its cost at the Indian box office, which means it will be considered a hit at 120-130 crores. Considering the positivity around the film, it is expected to emerge as a big hit at ticket windows.

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