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Pathaan Box Office: 19 Major Records & Feats Of This Shah Rukh Khan’s Epic Comeback Film You Must Know!

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What a comeback it has been for Shah Rukh Khan! After 4 years, the actor came with Pathaan and it has been shattering box office records right from the word go. On the first day itself, the film marked a historic opening and the winning spree continues to date. So let’s take a look at the major records and feats that have been achieved so far!

Biggest Bollywood opening in India

Pathaan released on 25th January and took the biggest opening of 57 crores in the history of Bollywood. It surpassed War’s 53.35 crores at the Indian box office.

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Biggest Hindi opening in India

KGF Chapter 2 was sitting at the top with 53.95 crores coming in from Hindi version alone on opening. Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan surpassed with its day 1 of 55 crores (Hindi).

7th biggest opening in India

Speaking about all India and all languages, the film recorded the 7th biggest opening of all-time with its 57 crores, standing below RRR (134 crores), Baahubali 2 (121 crores), KGF Chapter 2 (116 crores), Saaho (88 crores), Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy (66 crores), 2.0 (63 crores).

Highest Bollywood opening worldwide

Pathaan smashed 106 crores on its opening day across the globe. This is highest ever for a Bollywood film, surpassing Brahmastra’s 75 crores.

5th highest Indian opening worldwide

Inclusive of all Indian film industries and languages, Pathaan took the 5th biggest opening for an Indian film across the globe with 106 crores. It ranks below RRR (223 crores), Baahubali 2 (213 crores), KGF Chapter 2 (163 crores) and Saaho (126 crores).

Fastest Hindi film to enter 100 crore club

It’s actually a tie here with KGF Chapter 2 (Hindi). Both the films entered the 100 crore club in just 2 days.

Fastest Hindi film to enter 200 crore club

Pathaan (Hindi) entered the 200 crore club in just 4 days, thus dethroning KGF Chapter 2 (Hindi) which secured an entry in 5 days.

Fastest Hindi film to enter 300 crore club

KGF Chapter 2 (Hindi) had crossed the mark in 11 days but Pathaan (Hindi) shocked everyone by achieving the feat in just 7 days.

Fastest Hindi film to enter 400 crore club

Baahubali 2 (Hindi) was a record holder and it entered the 400 crore club in 18 days. Pathaan overtook it by making an entry in just 12 days.

Highest Bollywood weekend in India (3 days)

Sanju was holding the highest opening weekend record for Bollywood since a long time with a 3-day total of 120.06 crores. Pathaan smashed it by a long distance by making 166.75 crores.

Highest Hindi weekend in India (3 days)

KGF Chapter 2 was sitting at the top with 143.64 crores, which the Shah Rukh Khan starrer left behind with 161 crores (Hindi)

Highest week 1 for a Hindi film in India (7 days)

Here too Pathaan’s 318.50 crores (Hindi) smashed KGF Chapter 2’s 255.05 crores (Hindi).

Highest week 1 for a Bollywood film (7 days)

Sultan (208.82 crores) held the highest week 1 record for Bollywood for over 6 years, finally getting surpassed by Pathaan (330.25 crores).

Highest-grossing Bollywood film worldwide (excluding China release)

Surpassing the likes of Dhoom 3, PK and Tiger Zinda Hai, Pathaan is now the highest grossing Hindi film globally with a release in China with 924 crores gross (15 days).

4th highest-grosser in India

Surpassing Baahubali: The Beginning (418 crores), the YRF’s spy thriller is now the 4th highest-grossing film in India with 476.05 crores (15 days). Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (1031 crores), KGF Chapter 2 (849 crores) and RRR (772 crores) hold the top 3 spots respectively.

Highest-grossing Bollywood film in India

It has left Dangal’s 388 crores way behind with its 476.05 crores (15 days) to become the highest-grossing Bollywood film ever in India.

2nd highest-grossing Hindi film in India

It stands at 2nd in India with its Hindi version’s 459.25 crores. Baahubali 2 (Hindi) is at the top with 511 crores.

2nd highest-grossing Bollywood film worldwide

Speaking about Bollywood films globally (including China release), Pathaan is at the 4th spot with 924 crores gross. Dangal is at the top with 1970 crores gross.

5th highest-grossing Indian film worldwide

Inclusive of all languages and industries (with China release), Pathaan is the 7th highest-grosser with its 924 crores gross. Dangal, Baahubali 2, KGF Chapter 2 and RRR hold the first four places.

(note: this list of records is as per 12th February 2023 and changes are expected to take place as the film is still running successfully)

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