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Everything You Should Know About The Kissing Booth 3

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A couple of weeks ago, the makers dropped the trailer of The Kissing Booth 3, the final instalment of the franchise, on Youtube. It will not be easy for the lovers to bid goodbye to yet another beloved franchise of Netflix.

The Kissing Booth is releasing its final instalment, and the story of Elle, Noah, and Lee will finally come to an end. The second season of Netflix’s rom-com left off when Elle was spending her last summer before entering her freshman year of college. In the third season, we’ll get to know whether she’ll go to Harvard with her Boyfriend, Noah, or to Berkley with her best friend, Lee.

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After watching two parts of the movie, one thing is sure that Elle is good at getting herself into trouble. In the process of making everyone happy, she ends up making everyone upset in the long run. She gets disappointed by her actions.

In the sneak peeks, we saw that Elle ends up declining a call from the Harvard admissions office to spend some time with Noah. She does not only have to choose between two schools, but also two boys. Even though Noah and Elle ended on a happy note in the second season, Marco was pretty stubborn in the last minutes of the movie. He will not be giving up so easily.

In The Kissing Booth 3’s trailer, Mrs. Flynn is seen giving a piece of advice to Elle, saying that her choice was influenced more by what others want, and it is time for her to start thinking about herself. Let’s see which school and guy Elle chooses.

The Kissing Booth 3 will be dropping on Netflix on August 11, 2021. The fans of the movie can’t wait for the film to drop as they want to know who will Elle choose, Lee or Noah?

Here’s the trailer of The Kissing Booth 3:

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