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Here’s Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock’s Most Expensive Purchases Including His $28 Million New LA House

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Hollywood actor and WWE legend, Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as The Rock, recently became the newest member of the expensive guard-gated community. He bought an expensive mansion in Los Angeles. The pictures of the Beverly Hills mansion will make your jaw drop. 

Dwayne Johnson bought a mansion in the most exclusive and expensive guard-gated community in Los Angeles. The property previously belonged to the fame of Stranger Things, Paul Reiser. However, it now belongs to Dwayne, who has paid $27.8 Million (208 crores in INR) for the Beverly Hills Mansion. The mansion is reportedly having 18,000 square feet of living space. 

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This is not the first time that the WWE star-cum-actor, Dwayne has spent millions on his belongings. Have a look at his most expensive purchases:

Paradise in Miami

Previously, the actor bought a property in Miami, which was incredibly expensive. The rumours said that the mansion cost around $5.5 million. Even though Johnson does not spend a lot of time in this mansion, it is the perfect place to relax and stay in peace. 

Custom made car

The star also owns extremely expensive custom cars. It is fairly common for stars and big celebrities to own expensive cars; Dwayne Johnson is no less. The star owns a custom-made Pagani which supposedly cost him around $1 million, which is a huge amount to buy a car. He made sure that the car was tailor-made to allow him to get into the vehicle. 

Super expensive jet

Dwayne Johnson also owns a private jet. Along with a flabbergasting collection of cars, the actor also owns a private jet. He happens to have the fastest private jets around the world, which makes his jet super expensive. The private jet costs him around $65 million.

Dream gym

The most expensive thing which the actor owns is his “Iron Paradise”. If you follow Dwayne Johnson on Instagram, you must know that his biggest purchase of all time is his traveling gym. Not only did he pay for all the equipment of the gym, but he also pays for it to travel wherever he goes. It costs him around $300,000

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