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Shawn Rhoden Died At 46; Roelly Winklaar, Kai Greene & Others React

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Death news continues to haunt the world of bodybuilding. The latest shocking news is about the death of Shawn Rhoden. Yes, our beloved champ has left us, and just like us, bodybuilders like Roelly Winklaar, Kai Greene and others are in shock.

Champ of Mr Olympia 2018, Rhoden is no more between us. He was just 46. Earlier the news was said to be just a rumour but none other than Rhoden’s trainer, Chris Aceto has confirmed the death news. Even several bodybuilders have expressed their shock and mourned the loss.

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If the report in Generation Iron is to be believed, Shawn Rhoden died due to a massive heart attack. Taking to Instagram stories, Roelly Winklaar shared a picture of Rhoden winning Mr Olympia 2018’s title and wrote, “RIP bro”. Kai Green too shared a story featuring Rhoden’s picture. He wrote, “Rest in power.”

Roelly Winklaar & Kai Greene React To Shawn Rhoden's Death
image source- Instagram | image by- roellywinklaar, kaigreene

Other bodybuilders and fitness influencers too paid their tribute to Shawn’s latest picture on his Instagram profile. Kai Greene wrote, “LEGACY LIVES FOREVER.” Jeremy Potvin wrote, “going to miss you brother.” Martyn Ford wrote, “Cant actually believe this one. Absolutely heart broken brother.” “Oh man. This is dreadful. My deepest and sincere condolences to your loved ones brother,” writes Roger Snipes.

Even though the reason is said to be a heart attack, Shawn Rhoden’s autopsy report is awaited by everyone. Just a few weeks back, renowned 212 bodybuilder George Peterson too passed away. He died just a day before Mr Olympia 2021 competition. As per some reports, Justin Miller (coach of Peterson) found Peterson lying down and his body felt cold. Miller and the security of the hotel room tried giving CPR to Peterson, but later, it was discovered that Peterson had passed away a few hours ago.

Such deaths have really raised questions on the changing standards of modern-day bodybuilding.

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