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Roelly Winklaar Improves Post Mr Olympia 2021 But Stays Below Nathan De Asha – Yamamoto Cup Pro 2021

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Mr Olympia 2021 was a nightmare for Roelly Winklaar and his fans. That was the low of his career, and from there, we expect nothing but a high for Roelly. And yes, exactly the same thing has happened as he looked much improved at Yamamoto Cup Pro 2021 that took place recently.

Yamamoto Cup Pro 2021 took place on Sunday. The competition was held in Rome, Italy. For Nathan De Asha and Roelly, the results were the same as that of Europa Pro 2021 that was held in August.

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Results of Yamamoto Cup Pro 2021

Nathan De Asha won the competition and bagged the prize money of $20,000. It’s really an exciting news thing that has happened to Nathan fans as the bodybuilder has won his third pro-bodybuilding show of this year after Europa Pro and Arnold Classic UK. He benefitted from his tight waist and muscle proportions. Also, the conditioning was good. One of the major factors that work in Nathan’s favour is also his consistency.

All the whole, this victory was Nathan De Asha’s 9th pro victory.


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Another man who was the major attraction for the show was Roelly Winklaar. Just like we mentioned above, Roelly looked much better than his downer in Mr Olympia 2021. Here, Roelly looked much dried and conditioned. His gut too looked much better than that in this year’s Olympia.

Roelly was a runner-up and he won the prize money of $10,000.

Speaking of the 3rd position, Samson Dauda made the cut. There was a tough competition between him and Roelly for 2nd place, in which Roelly’s muscle development played an edging factor. He won prize money of $5,000.

At 4th and 5th were Andrea Presti and Theo Leguerrier, who won $4,000 and $2,000 respectively. Milan Sadek (6th), Tim Budesheim (7th), Fabio Romagnolo (8th), Robert Taylor (9th) and Kevin Gebhardt (10th) bagged the last 5 positions.

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