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Roelly Winklaar Qualifies To Compete At Mr Olympia 2021

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We are just a couple of months away from Mr Olympia 2021. And as expected, we are witnessing a bunch of qualifications for the competition. The latest is Roelly Winklaar who has qualified for Men’s Open Bodybuilding category.

The qualification happened through Europa Pro 2021, which concluded a few hours back. The competition was won by Nathan De Asha (Men’s Open). Roelly Winklaar came at second place. As we always knew, the competition was majorly between Winklaar and Nathan. Nathan dominated Winklaar with his balanced body and much better conditioning.

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Roelly Winklaar looked better than a no-show at Chicago Pro 2021. And yes, that’s only the positive point for the beast. Nonetheless, both he and Nathan De Asha have qualified for Mr Olympia 2021. Let’s see how better Winklaar can present himself on the big stage.

Meanwhile, unlike every year, last year saw Mr Olympia taking place in December due to the chaos of COVID-19. Earlier, speculated to get canceled, the competition did happen under strict COVID guidelines. This year, the stage will witness pro-bodybuilders fighting for a title in October.

As per the official site, Mr Olympia 2021 competition will start on 5th October. The event will be flagged off with Amateur Olympia women’s judging and finals. Getting straight to Mr. Olympia, pre-judging will be held on 8th October. Finals will be on 9th October.

Mr Olympia will take place in Orlando, where last year’s event took place. For more info click here.

Big Ramy is the defending champion of this year. Brandon Curry was the runner-up last year. Phil Heath had bagged the 3rd position.

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