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Mr Olympia 2021 Predictions: Big Ramy vs Hadi Choopan To Be The Main Contest, Roelly Winklaar Out?

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Finally, the time for Mr Olympia 2021 predictions has come as we’re just a few days away from the competition. Today, we’ll be talking about the most hyped category- Men’s Open Bodybuilding. Last year, Big Ramy won the title. Will he be able to retain his title? Will someone cause a threat to Ramy? Let’s discuss this in much detail below.

Bodybuilders who have qualified for Mr Olympia 2021

William Bonac (Netherlands), Hadi Choopan (Iran), Brandon Curry (USA), Nathan De Asha (UK), Mamdouh Elssbiay aka Big Ramy (Egypt), Regan Grimes (Canada), Phil Heath (USA), James Hollingshead (UK), Hunter Labrada (USA), Patrick Moore (USA), Hassan Mostafa (Egypt), Andrea Presti (Italy), Justin Rodriguez (USA), Mohamed Shaaban (Egypt), Vladyslav Sukhoruchko (Ukraine), Iain Valliere (Canada), Nicholas Walker aka Nick Walker (USA), Akim Williams (USA) and Roelly Winklaar (Curacao).

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Mr Olympia 2021 predictions

10) Hunter Labrada – Hunter finished at 8th position in 2020. But this year, he is expected to slip on the list by two positions due to the addition of big names to the list.

9) Justin Rodriguez – Justin finished at 10th place last year, and this year he’s expected to see an increment in position by sealing the deal at 9th. Justin has shown improvements in physique as compared to last year, with his v taper standing out of all. He might jump in the actual results if he pulls off impressive conditioning.


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8) Roelly Winklaar – Let’s be honest, Roelly has failed miserably by reducing his size. It was his size and round muscle bellies that made him stand out. Roelly’s shrunk version isn’t helping him, but he might get placed at 8th position due to his name in the pro-bodybuilding world. Roelly didn’t compete last year. In 2019, he was placed at 5th.

Contrary to all the buzz and predictions about Roelly, the reports state that he might skip this year’s competition. He is reportedly taking a gap to bring back his beast physique. Let’s wait and see what happens.

7) Iain Valliere – Iain is showing a lot of improvements lately and is currently high on confidence. He’s expected to be placed at 7th position, just like last year.


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6) Nathan De Asha – Nathan rocked Europa Pro 2021 with his balanced body and impressive conditioning. He is expected to be placed at 6th. But contrary to our Mr Olympia 2021 predictions, he might get placed better in actual results, even he shows a slight improvement than his Europa Pro physique.


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5) William Bonac – Just like last year, this veteran is expected to be placed at 5th this year too. He is now working with one of the most sought-after bodybuilding coaches, Abdullah Al Otaibi. Let’s see if he surprises us.


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4) Brandon Curry – This might come as a shock to many, but Curry is expected to slip by two positions on the list. Last year, he was placed at 2nd. Sure, he has put more size this year but conditioning might cost him a higher place.


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3) Nick Walker – This might come as the most unpopular positioning in Mr Olympia 2021 predictions, but this man has the potential to shock everyone. He is a muscle freak and a true mass monster. And the most important is, he has momentum after winning Arnold Classic 2021. Muscle maturity is something that might take him one place down in actual results, and push Curry above him. Anyways, he’s going to rock on his debut!

2) Hadi Choopan – The Persian wolf is at 2nd in our Mr Olympia 2021 predictions. The biggest advantage for Hadi this year is, he has arrived in the US much ahead of the competition. He has always been known for his conditioning, balanced proportions and muscle maturity. This year, a much better package is expected from him.

Big Ramy to retain his title!

We expect Big Ramy to bag 1st place this year too. Last year, he managed to bring the combo of mass and conditioning. Even if he manages to repeat his performance, Ramy will walk out as a winner. He will lose his hold only if he does a big blunder in his preparation, which seems unlikely to happen.


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So that was our Mr Olympia 2021 predictions. Share your views on it through comments.

Meanwhile, Mr Olympia’s pre-judging is scheduled for 8th October. Finals will be on 9th October.

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