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When Ranbir Kapoor Got Angry At Reporter Over A Question On Katrina Kaif’s Special Birthday Gift (Simply Savage #4)

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Ranbir Kapoor celebrates his 38th birthday today. And who better than the birthday boy to be mentioned in our today’s Simply Savage edition. In today’s piece, we’ll be taking a look at Ranbir’s angry moment when he was asked a question related to Katrina Kaif. Let’s relive Ranbir’s thug life moment!

Before we get started, let us inform you that today’s it’s our 4th story of Simply Savage. Here, we take a look at the savage replies/thug life moments of celebrities from the entertainment industry. We don’t have any intention of promoting rudeness or insulting behaviour of any celebrity. Take the stories with a pinch of salt and enjoy!

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Today, we revisit the days of Besharam. Yes, we’re talking about Ranbir Kapoor’s 2013 film. Even though the film was a box office dud, its promotional events were nothing less than a blockbuster. During one such media event, we got to see a savage side of Ranbir.

During the days of Besharam, Ranbir Kapoor was dating Katrina Kaif. The reports were strong in media, but as we all know, Ranbir always maintained secrecy about his personal life. So naturally, he got angry when a question related to Katrina was asked to him. However, Kapoor lad answered it very calmly and destroyed the entertainment reporter like a boss.

It was Ranbir’s birthday when the media event was held. One media person asked him, “Did Katrina give you any gift today?” Keeping his calm, Ranbir replied, “Yaar, wo English mein ek kahaawat hai na, none of your business” (Man, there’s one saying English – none of your business).

That’s Ranbir Kapoor’s savage avatar for you! We bet, no one would have asked him any personal questions during the entire media event.

Wishing Ranbir a special and memorable birthday!

Do share your views about Ranbir‘s Simply Savage moment, through comments.

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