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Mr. Olympia 2020: Big Ramy Seals The Deal To Become New Champ – Full Details Inside

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Finally, after months of wait, we have got our Mr. Olympia 2020 winner. And yes, he is Big Ramy. He single-handedly smashed a strong lineup. Seems to be a tough competition earlier with Phil Heath, Brandon Curry, Hadi Choopan in a race, the big guy presented his best ever package to become 16th winner in the history of the competition.

Mamdouh Elssbiay aka Big Ramy is the Egyptian pro-bodybuilder. At the age of 36, he has won it big by bagging this year’s competition. Many thought he would get placed at 3rd or 4th, but he has surprised one and all. Thanks to pre-judging, Ramy got a big lead over other competitors. Just like yesterday or a bit better, the big guy showed good conditioning. He looked crisp and muscle maturity was visible through his posing. And, the rest of the deal was sealed by his big structure and huge mass.

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Defending champion, Brandon Curry too surprised everyone by becoming a runner up. As per yesterday’s pre-judging of Mr. Olympia 2020, it felt like the competition is between Big Ramy and Phil Heath but Curry improved a bit. He made a lead over Phil and bagged a second place. He brought his best package but wasn’t enough to beat the Egyptian bodybuilder. See you, next year buddy!


Coming to the comeback star, Phil Heath did bring a good physique in Mr. Olympia 2020 as compared to 2018. But unfortunately, it lacked an X-factor that was needed to surpass Big Ramy’s points chart. He entered the competition with a desire to win his 8th title, but it didn’t happen. With third place in the kitty, we wish he brings a much better package for next year (only if he plays).

Sadly, we would have loved to see Hadi Choopan in top 2 but it didn’t happen. He brought a good package just like the last year with proper conditioning and sharpness, but that’s all! With everyone bringing their best, he remained at the same level. He has a potential and we are sure, he will be a champ one day. William Bonac made it at the fifth position and showed consistency just like every year.

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