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CM Punk Effect: WWE On Accelerator Mode To Rehire Brock Lesnar, Braun Strowman & Bray Wyatt

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Finally, the wait of months got over when CM Punk opened AEW Rampage’s second episode. One of the biggest pops in pro-wrestling history is creating rage all over social media. For sure, WWE has been deeply affected by the addition of their yesteryear crowd-puller in the rival promotion. So what’s next for them? Well, Vince McMahon and co have put their leg on the accelerator to rehire their stars.

CM Punk joining AEW was in news for around a month now. And ever since the news was broke, WWE is trying to rehire the beast, Brock Lesnar. For the unversed, Brock is now a free agent and not into a contract with any promotion.

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Brock is a man of his own mind. One could never tell when he will join WWE again. Maybe tomorrow or a year after. Many pro-wrestling insiders are stating that Brock is coming back to boom WWE’s ratings. Having said that, one can’t deny the fact that AEW will love to add Brock to their roster.

The latest we hear is that post CM Punk’s addition, WWE is moving everything at a fast pace and trying to bring Brock as soon as possible. And yes, he has been some huge money, more than his last contract.

Not just Brock Lesnar but WWE has even approached Braun Strowman regarding rehiring with a lucrative contract. This all is happening post Punk and Daniel Bryan‘s name got attached with AEW. However, it’s learned that Strowman hasn’t made any decision. Surprisingly, for AEW, Strowman isn’t on the priority list. Let’s see what happens in the next few days.

Coming to Bray Wyatt, originally named Windham Rotunda, the pro-wrestler too is said to be on the list of WWE’s rehirings. However, people close to Wyatt states that he isn’t coming back to pro-wrestling. Reportedly, he has plans of starting a career in Hollywood.

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