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Brock Lesnar Is Back In WWE Baby & We’re Going F*cking Crazy!

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Brock Lesnar is back in WWE baby! Yes, Vince McMahon has brought his biggest player out and that too on the stage of Summerslam 2021. It was yesterday, we told you how McMahon and co have put their legs on the accelerator to bring Lesnar back into the game, especially after CM Punk signed with AEW.

WWE managed to keep a surprise really tight without leaking details. Kudos for that first! No one in the world ever imagined that the ‘beast incarnate’ would make his return in such a fashion. When asked about Brock’s return, stars and close associates of the promotion had refuted Lesnar’s return anytime soon.

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This year’s Summerslam has been really special and full of surprises. The main event was truly worth every hype. John Cena and ‘the head of the table’ Roman Reigns put everything on the line and gave their best shot for Universal Champion. At last, it was Reigns who retained his title.

Just like Money In The Bank, Roman Reigns got one more big shock, and this time it was the return of Brock Lesnar. The moment his music hit the titantron, people went crazy. No one in the dream imagined Brock would conclude the epic Summerslam.

Here’s how fans are reacting to Brock’s return:

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