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Bray Wyatt Used To Earn A Huge Amount From His WWE Contract & Here’s The Figure

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WWE gave its fans the biggest shocker when they decided to release Bray Wyatt. The star, who was enjoying popularity with his ‘The Fiend’ gimmick, was said to be released as a part of budget cuts. Was Wyatt too expensive for Vince McMahon and the company? Let’s dig down deep into the contract of Wyatt.

Husky Harris to Bray Wyatt to the Fiend – journey

Wyatt originally named Windham Rotunda, was released by WWE after 12 years. Rotunda has been part of the company from 2009 to 2021. He started his innings under the ring name Husky Harris. He was associated with Wade Barrett led Nexus faction. While Nexus was a huge hit, Rotunda’s character failed to leave any mark.

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Things changed for Windham Rotunda when he was presented in an entirely new package of Bray Wyatt. He shot to fame as the head of the Wyatt family. In 2019, he was once again repackaged as the Fiend, which gained huge popularity in a short time.

What was Wyatt’s salary in WWE?

As per the report in Player Wiki, Bray Wyatt was under a lucrative contract with WWE, which used to yield him $1 million per year. The fees didn’t include his pay-per-views’ fees and earnings from the merchandise sale. For those who don’t know, Wyatt’s the Fiend’s merchandise was enjoying a huge sale. In fact, even today the promotion earns huge by selling his merchandise.

Real reason why Wyatt was released

While the budget cut is the most discussed reason, some reports even state that he was hard to work with. It’s said that Wyatt was in the bad books of Vince McMahon. While the real reason is yet to be known, the relations between Wyatt and McMahon are definitely sour as we have seen Wyatt taking a cryptic dig at McMahon through his tweets.

What’s next for Wyatt?

Wyatt is currently working on his first Hollywood project. He is said to join AEW very soon.

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