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Big E Wins WWE Championship & RAW Just Got The Much Needed Boost!

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As predicted a few hours back, Big E did cash in his Money In The Bank contract on tonight’s RAW. He did it after the match between Bobby Lashley and Randy Orton. Below is all you need to know.

In a match with Randy Orton, Bobby Lashley defended his title successfully but got himself injured while beating Orton after the match. While Lashley was celebrating his victory, E came out running to cash in his contract.

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Initially, Bobby Lashley refused to accept a title match, but E’s slap triggered him. The New Day member tried targetting his injured leg but Lashley retaliated with a spear. At that point, it felt like E isn’t winning a belt but he managed to escape the pinfall. Post recovering from a spear, the challenger hit Lashley with Big Ending to become a new WWE Champion.

As expected, the crowd burst with a big cheer and ovation for the new champ. Big E celebrated his victory with his stablemates- Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston.

The move is definitely grabbing all eyeballs to RAW and it’s receiving positive words from all around. Many even praised WWE for pushing black men in the business.

One Twitter user wrote: “Big E has fought for BLM, donating to black businesses, donated to restaurants, helped Brodie’s family after his death, and much more so to see him finally get his moment brings joy to my heart. He deserves this.”

Another user wrote: “Years of hard work has paid off for Big E. The new WWE champion! So well deserved.”

“Big E truly did deserve this win tonight, he’s came a long way and within almost a decade in this company, BIG E IS THE WWE CHAMPION!!!” one user writes while celebrating the new champ.

Below are some more reactions:

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