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What’s Going Wrong With WWE? (Especially After AEW’s Rise) – Breakdown In 5 Points

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At the recent blockbuster pay-per-view, All Out, AEW has given a big blow to WWE. As speculated, Daniel Bryan did show up, becoming an All Elite. Another surprise came in when Adam Cole left everyone stunned by joining the party. All such exciting things have created ripples in the pro-wrestling industry.

Of course, no one ever imagined the blow AEW is giving to WWE! But since the damage is done, what’s next for Vince McMahon and co.? Well, as we all know, Vince is trying every trick in the bag, but is it really enough? We have tried decoding what’s going wrong with WWE.

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Here’s our short breakdown:

Return of big stars, but wait…they’re all part-timers

Say the truth, whether you are WWE fan or AEW fan, if you really love pro-wrestling, you did jump when John Cena returned at Money In The Bank. However, what made us feel bad is, that Cena wrapped up his stint in just a month, leaving us unsatisfied. Now, the same goes for Brock Lesnar. Many are saying that Lesnar will be seen in limited appearances, while some reports state that he will be a consistent performer now. This has been a big problem for WWE as their big crowd-pulling stars are running jam-packed with their schedules due to other commitments. Even The Rock is reportedly returning ahead of Survivor Series, but, as we all know, he too falls in the ‘part-timers’ category. In comparison, AEW is full of veterans like CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and many more, who will be performing week in, week out!

Predictable storylines

To be honest, WWE is trying to churn out some new storylines, but they are very predictable. One can clearly see how Roman Reigns and Bobby Lashley are being protected. So whatever the start is, we know how it going to end at the last. Here, some shocking elements are missing.

Lack of real promo swaggers

No one would deny the fact that WWE is really lacking on 5-star promo cutters. There was a time when every other wrestler was good at pulling off intriguing promos. But for now, there are just a few on the list.

Lack of mysterious/scary/creepy gimmicks

Now, that The Fiend is gone, WWE is really lacking a genuinely mysterious/scary/creepy character on the roster. It would be totally wrong if we underestimate the power of such characters, as the cult of The Undertaker, Kane and The Fiend, says it all. We hope to see The Demon gimmick of Finn Bálor, as it has been loved earlier by the fans and even, last week’s SmackDown hinted at its return.

Mishandling of talents

This has been a pain point for a long time. Many wrestlers left the promotion by bashing how Vince McMahon and the creative team made them suffer to due bizarre bookings. John Morrison and Sami Zayn’s current run is one of the examples, that how WWE is spoiling veterans by placing them in just mid-card matches. Even the new joinee of RAW and NXT star, Karrion Kross, is facing the same issue of poor gimmick and improper handling.

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