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Roadies Fame Varisha Hawelia Is Called Jr. Alia Bhatt By Viewers For Not So Good Reason

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Roadies auditions are always fun to watch. No we aren’t talking about modelling auditions that take place nowadays. We are speaking of the period when Raghu and Rajeev used to select contestants. Tracing back to the good old days, we’ll be talking about one old audition featuring Varisha Hawelia, popularly known as jr. Alia Bhatt among many.

It was during the Roadies auditions of season 6 (Hell Down Under) when Varisha Hawelia came to try her luck. The first and foremost thing is, her expressions are somewhat similar to Alia Bhatt. Believe us, viewers on YouTube use Alia’s name to search for Varisha’s audition. The second thing is her intellect. Remember Alia’s goof-up while answering the questions of General Knowledge and getting called as a bimbo? Varisha faced the audition in a somewhat similar fashion and made a mockery of herself.

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Of course, Alia Bhatt is a much-matured person now, but viewers still drag her by making a comparison with Varisha Hawelia. During the audition, Raghu and Rajeev cross-question her views of gays and several other things. Her answers will literally make you laugh out loud even today. It’s been so many years and the Roadies auditioner would be a much-changed person now, so we’ll be taking a look at light-hearted comments of viewers only for the fun purpose.

One of the users wrote, “She is like Alia Bhatt in looks as well as in brain.” “I never knew Alia also came in roadies,” reads another comment. One user wrote that Varisha Hawelia’s expressions match with Alia.

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