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Bachchhan Paandey Movie Review: Akshay Kumar Ji, Bhaukaal Macha Diye!

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Bachchhan Paandey Movie Review

Cast- Akshay Kumar, Kriti Sanon, Arshad Warsi, Abhimanyu Singh, Saharsh Kumar Shukla, Pankaj Tripathi, Sanjay Mishra & Jacqueline Fernandez

Director- Radha Krishna Kumar

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Release date- 18th March 2022

Popcorn score- 6 out of 10

What’s the basic storyline?

Aspiring film director Myra Devekar (Kriti Sanon) wants to prove her potential, but her producer isn’t convinced with the kind of stories she comes up with. The producer then suggests her to come up with a story about a gangster, and make a biopic on him. During her research, she gets intrigued by Bachchhan Paandey’s (Akshay Kumar) menacing tales and decides to make a film based on him.

Myra then comes to Baghwa, the lawless land ruled by Bachchhan. She along with her friend Vishu (Arshad Warsi) try different tricks to know about Bachchhan and his life story. During one such snooping attempt, they get caught and then Myra gets on the bad side of Bachchhan, who is famous for his brutality and never thinks twice about killing anyone.

What’s next? What happens to Myra? Will she be able to make a film on Bachchhan Paandey? For answers to all these questions, you need to watch the film.


Akshay Kumar as Bachchhan Paandey is full-on fire! His swag and rowdiness is bang on. Surprisingly, he doesn’t get too many ‘masaledaar’ one-liners, but still, keep you hooked with a larger-than-life persona. Akki’s action needs no introduction as here he is flawless as usual. Apart from these good things, there’s one problem and that is his accent which comes as fake on several occasions.

Kriti Sanon does full justice to her character of Myra. Her prettiness is contagious. She makes the character of an aspiring filmmaker believable. Arshad Warsi gets enough of screen time. He successfully amuses us with his impeccable comic timing and fits good in his character.

Pankaj Tripathi is a man with a Midas touch! He is flawless in his comic role and cracks you up every time he is on screen. Abhimanyu Singh and Saharsh Kumar Shukla do their job well. Prateik Babbar gives another average performance. Sadly, Sanjay Mishra doesn’t get much chance to add his magic. Jacqueline Fernandez once again is just as a pretty face in the film.

Screenplay, direction & other departments

The film is a ‘no brainer’ entertainer and following the footsteps of typical Bollywood commercial potboilers, Bachchhan Paandey too carries a good set of flaws with itself. The first half is entertaining and fast-paced. In the second half, the film slows down a bit, especially when the love angle between Bachchhan and Sophie (Jacqueline) comes in.

Speaking of the director, Farhad Samji leaves his too much cringy touch behind and has improved for good. Yes, he’s still cliched as a lot of scenes are stereotypical and picked up from the ‘Bollywood’s mass entertainers’ template.

Action scenes look slick and are brilliantly choreographed and shot. The background score is good and supports the film well. Speaking of music, Maarkhaayega and Saare Bolo Bewafa truly add the massy flavour to the film.

On a conclusive note…

Bachchhan Paandey is an enjoyable flick where you don’t need to apply much of your brain. Just get your bucket of popcorn and have fun for two and a half hours!

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