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Does Akshay Kumar Really Charge 120 Crores Per Film? Not Really! Here’s How The Deal Happens

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Akshay Kumar is undoubtedly the hit machine of Bollywood. He’s the most bankable star in the industry currently, as with him, the guarantee of returns comes. But to ensure that he’s the part of the film, producers need to pour an enormous amount. Any guesses, how much Akshay charges and how he sets record-breaking deals? Here’s your answer.

Sure shot money-back guarantee!

Akshay has been the most consistent Bollywood superstar from the box office perspective. The best thing about him is that he does 4-5 films per year and yet, each of his films earns handsome returns. The best example is his latest release Sooryavanshi. The film is on its way to reaching 200 crores in India.

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Does Akshay Kumar really charge 120 crores per film?

As per some recent reports, Akshay charges 120 crores for each film. Yes, Akshay is currently the highest-paid actor in Bollywood, but the reports of 120 crores are partially true. We said it’s partially true because not every film gives him back the amount we mentioned above.

How much Akshay really takes away home and how the deal is done?

Reportedly, Akshay Kumar takes 30% of the above-mentioned amount of 120 crores as an assured sum. Converting it into numbers, Akki takes around 36 crores for each film, no matter how the film performs at the box office. If the film makes a profit through the theatrical run, Akshay gets a good chunk out of it. It’s called contingent sum.

Depending on the film’s profit, Akshay’s contingent sum varies. For example, for Gold, the actor reportedly got just 6 crores as a contingent sum, as the film didn’t work that well in theatres. However, for Mission Mangal, Akshay took a chunk of 40 crores after the end of the theatrical run.

The fee of 120 crores means that Akshay Kumar can take a chunk of 84 crores at the most (excluding assured charge of 36 crores) from theatrical profit. 84 crores is the upper limit for Akshay, and beyond that, he can’t demand a single penny, no matter how much profit the film makes.

(note: this is the case when Akshay is a part of the film as just an actor)

When Akshay Kumar comes on board as one of the producers

In the recent past, we have seen Akshay coming on board for several projects. In such cases where Akshay is one of the producers, the actor doesn’t charge a single penny for acting, instead, he makes moolah through profit sharing.

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