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777 Charlie Movie Review (Hindi): Rakshit Shetty & A Cute Doggo Bring You An Emotional Ride Which Is No Less Than A Masterpiece!

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777 Charlie Movie Review (Hindi): Dharma (Rakshit Shetty) is a no-nonsense, short-tempered man who hardly shows any emotions or feelings. He lives his stagnant life, coupled with some anxiety issues, without regrets. He sustains his life on idlis, cigarettes, beers and work. Dharma’s life as a loner takes a big turn when a dog named Charlie enters his life. As their bond grows, fulfilling her desires becomes Dharma’s only purpose in life. Throughout the journey, Dharma comes to know what’s real love and how a good partner can change your perspective about life.

Actors- Rakshit Shetty, Charlie (dog), Sangeetha Sringeri, Raj B. Shetty, Danish Sait and Bobby Simha

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Director- Kiranraj K.

Length- 2 hours 45 minutes

777 Charlie Movie Review (Hindi)
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Hits- 777 Charlie scores well in every single department! Speaking of the performances, the lead dog named Charlie steals your heart with her performance. It doesn’t look like she has been forced to do anything in front of the camera. Her chemistry with Rakshit Shetty looks convincing and natural. Kudos to her trainers!

Rakshit Shetty as Dharma is outstanding. He looks believable as a loner and a person who is devoid of love in his life. His bond with Charlie will make you cry in every other scene. It will be remembered as one of the highlights of Rakshit’s career.

Other actors Sangeetha Sringeri and Bobby Simha have done their part terrifically well. Raj B. Shetty and Danish Sait bring in some much-needed comic relief.

The story of 777 Charlie looks very simple on paper but it scores tremendously in the screenplay. Director Kiranraj K. brings out a pool of emotions in every scene featuring Rakshit and Charlie by taking the best out of them. Both Dharma and Charlie get a perfect introduction which helps in establishing their characters and further help in making them believable. There are some filmy scenes but that adds nothing but more value to this heartwarming narration. It’s a story of a man and a dog, but it even fits perfectly in different perspectives of life. Kiranraj K. forces you to keep a box of tissues or a hanky with you to wipe off your tears during every other scene.

The music by Nobin Paul is sweet and all of the songs go well with the theme and elevate the story. The background score too supports the well really well.

Aravind Kashyap’s cinematography is beautiful and every scene has been pleasantly shot. Speaking about the Hindi dubbing, Rakshit has himself lent his voice which is highly commendable. His tone doesn’t look forced and so goes for other actors too.

Misses- It’s hard to point out anything here but yes, for some the length of 2 hours and 45 minutes might become too much.

Is it worth watching?

It shouldn’t be even a question! 777 Charlie is a masterpiece and deserves your watch at any cost. It’s a beautiful and unique tale of love between a man and a dog. If you love animals, then this film will make you more humble and if you aren’t much fond of animals, you will surely adopt one after watching it.

Easily one of the best Indian films made in recent times!

Popcorn score- 9 out of 10

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