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Jab Salman Khan Met Shera! A Look At How The Latter Became The Part Of Bhaijaan’s Life

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Gurmeet Singh Jolly aka Shera is the personal bodyguard of Salman Khan. He has been with the actor for a long time now, and he is more like a family for the Dabangg star.

Every celebrity has a personal bodyguard for their safety and security. But no one is as famous as Salman’s protector. Gurmeet has been in service for around 27 years. He has been with Salman through thick and thin, which is why we saw him in a movie like a Bodyguard (a special gesture by Salman).

But how many of you know, before being the guard for Salman, Shera was the bodyguard to many international celebrities, such as Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton, and many more, when they visited the country? We bet many of you didn’t know it.

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In a conversation with Viral Bollywood, Shera once shared that he met Salman while he was handling the security for Whigfield (singer) when she came down to India. He met Salman for the second time when Keanu Reeves had visited Indian. They did their first show together in Chandigarh, and they have been inseparable since then.

Not only this but there have also been speculations about the monthly salary that Salman Khan pays his bodyguard to handle his security. According to some reports, Gurmeet earns around 15 lakhs per month, which accounts for almost two crores annually. If we calculate, it is more than the CTC of many CEOs in India.

Shera also owns his security company called Tiger Security, which provides security to national and international celebrities. The bond between Shera and Salman is so special that in an interview with Indian Express, the former said that he will lay his life for Salman, and he is his god.

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