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Why Nana Patekar Doesn’t Work With Sanjay Dutt? Here’s The Entire Story

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The rough patch between Nana Patekar and Sanjay Dutt is visible to everyone inside and outside the industry. The differences grew further when Nana said that he would not work with the latter in any of the movies.

Everyone knows that Nana and Sanjay are not on good terms with each other. Usually, such fights remain under the carpet in the industry. However, Nana is a blunt man and speaks everything publicly. Here’s what went wrong between the two and why Nana decided not to work with Baba.

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Several years back, Sanjay Dutt was accused of acquiring illegal weapons in his house and was booked. The weapons were linked with the people involved in the 1993 Mumbai bomb blasts. In 2007, Dutt was convicted and put behind bars for six years. Even though the links with blasts were dismissed, he was held for keeping illegal weapons with him.

When Nana Patekar first learned about Sanjay‘s involvement, he was angry, and later when he was convicted, it made him more furious. Nana said that he will never ever work with Baba. This is the only punishment he can give to Dutt.

In an interview with India Today, Nana said, “The nature of his crime is horrible. Why should justice be meted out differently for him? The law is different for a poor man and different for me, just because I’m an actor? Why should that be?”

While in a conversation with a Marathi news channel, Nana Patekar said that not working with him is the only punishment he can give to Sanjay Dutt. He did not appreciate that his imprisonment was reduced by a year just because he is an actor. The two actors were last seen in Taxi No. 9211 working together. Dutt only had his voiceover in the film. They have not worked together since then.

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