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Salman Khan Wanted To Break Ranveer Singh’s Head! Here’s The Heat Moment Between The Duo

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Salman Khan once got so infuriated at Ranveer Singh that he said that he wants to break a chair on Ranveer’s head. This happened during the release of Salman’s film Sultan. Here’s why the situation got so heated between the two.

Salman Khan’s anger is popular in the entire industry. Everyone knows several incidents where Salman’s anger made the situation worse. He has also fallen into many controversies due to this. However, here we are talking about his clash with Ranveer Singh. Even though Ranveer is a cool-minded actor, he has also become a victim of Khan’s anger.

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The clash between the two actors went to such an extent that Salman wanted to kill Ranveer. The incident began when Sultan was released in the theatres. Ranveer watched the film in a theatre in Paris. According to the reports, he got up from his seat and began dancing in front of the hall’s screen.

When the media discussed this incident with Salman Khan, he was badly angry with Ranveer Singh. This behavior surprised everyone. While expressing his disappointment, Salman said that he wants to kill Ranveer. During the promotion of Sultan, Salman said that he wants to throw a chair on Ranveer’s head. He said that people were watching the film and by dancing in front of the screen, the audience was getting disturbed.

When Anushka heard this, she was surprised and got a little nervous. However, Salman laughed and made the atmosphere a little light. Salman said, “I felt like breaking a chair on his head. He was not letting them watch the movie; he was making them see him. He should pay us for this.”

Ranveer never reacted to this comment. During the screening of Madaari, Ranveer was asked how he felt about what Salman Khan said. He said that since he is here for Madaari, he would not like to talk about anything else.

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