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Honey Singh Reacts To Badshah Making Fun Of His Career: “Aaj Teri Dhoop Toh Kal Meri Dhoop Bhi Hogi”

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Bollywood rappers Badshah and Honey Singh have had beef for many years now. But it wasn’t always like this. The two had been considered “good friends” in the industry, especially when they were part of Mafia Mundeer in the early 2000s. At present, two of them are at loggerheads and we recently got to see a heated battle of words between both.

Recently, at a concert where Badshah was performing, a group of the audience started chanting the name of Honey, presumably to ignite a response from the rapper. In response to this, the DJ Waley Babu singer said, “Ek pen aur paper dena, gift laya hu tumhare liye. Kuch lyrics likh kar deta hu, papa ka comeback hojayega,” thus taking an indirect dig at the current phase Honey’s career.

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Following Badshah’s remarks, a video capturing this moment went viral on various social media platforms, drawing significant attention from fans and the media alike. In reaction to Badshah’s comments, Honey Singh shot back with a tit-for-tat response. Honey made an appearance at a Holi party where he indirectly addressed Badshah’s comment, sparking further viral discussion on social media.

Without mentioning Badshah by name, Honey Singh acknowledged the ongoing chatter. While talking to fans about Badshah’s remark, he said, “Zindagi ki dhoop roj badalti hai, aaj teri dhoop toh kal meri dhoop bhi hogi. Mujhe sab bolte hai jawab do reply karo, mein kyu reply karu, tumlog already uske g**nd mein baju deke baithe ho. Tumlog hi crazy ho. Honey Singh pagal hai, uske fans aur pagal hai.”

Meanwhile, for those who don’t know, Mafia Mundeer was a collective of aspiring rappers with ambitious career goals, who experienced a mixed fate with some achieving success while others faced setbacks. Including prominent figures in today’s Bollywood scene like Honey and Badshah, the group was initially formed by Raftaar, Ikka, Lil’ Golu, and the aforementioned stars, now recognized as leading figures in their genre.

In 2012, the group disbanded, with each artist pursuing individual paths, leading to their respective successes. Both Honey Singh and Badshah have since delivered some of Bollywood’s most memorable hits in recent years, even doing a track called ‘Get Up Jawani’ together.

However, shortly after Mafia Mundeer disbanded, Badshah and Honey started quarreling. For those who don’t know, the former revealed in a podcast released last year that Honey was self-centered and wanted to focus on his solo career.

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