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Did You Know? Tiger Shroff Fasts Every Monday; Check Out Some Lesser Known Facts Of The Actor

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Tiger Shroff, son of famous Bollywood actor Jackie Shroff, has established himself as a star in Bollywood. As the saying goes “times goes by very quickly”, it’s a sweet surprise that the actor has completed 7 years in the industry. While his action and fitness are something to die for, his War alongside Hrithik Roshan is the highest opening Hindi movie and it speaks a lot of his box office viability. He has the looks, the body, and the charm to dominate the business. But there are some facts about his life that still are lesser-known. In today’s piece, we take a look at the same.

If you believe his real is name Tiger, then hold on!

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In Bollywood, more often actors modify or change their name that’s catchy and unique. The case of Tiger too is the same. For those who don’t know, Tiger’s real name is Jai Hemant Shroff. According to his father, it all started with Hemant developing a habit of biting anything during childhood, resembling that of a Tiger.

Best friend with Shraddha Kapoor

Tiger Shroff‘s shyness and Shraddha Kapoor’s bubbly nature complement each other. Shraddha and Tiger were even classmates at the same school, and back then, Tiger had a crush on Shraddha. It was only obvious, in Baaghi, the duo shared chemistry that was endearing.

Discipline devotee of Lord Shiva

Tiger Shroff once revealed how he maintains his perfectly ripped body and the major reason is that he is a vegetarian. The star eats a diet high in vegetables and low in animal items. However, he does eat eggs on occasion. Smoking and drinks are a complete no for him. Known to few, Tiger is fond of Lord Shiva and fasts in his honour every Monday.

Taekwondo specialist

Tiger Shroff has shown that he can do stunts that no other Bollywood star can. He does incredible aerobics and martial arts movements. He never desired to be an actor; instead, he excelled in martial arts, gymnastics, and dance from a young age. He is Taekwondo fifth-degree black belt and we won’t ask for proof!

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