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Did Atif Aslam Quit Music Industry? Here’s The Truth

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The golden voice of Atif Aslam is missing from Bollywood. The singer has given us multiple songs to remember. However, there have been reports stating that the singer has quit singing for Bollywood.

Atif is one of the most loved singers in the music industry. He has fans all over the world, and he is most adored in India. After the Uri strike, India banned Pakistani artists from working in Bollywood, and there were rumours that Atif will no longer be a part of Bollywood.

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To fans’ relief, producer Ramesh Taurani clarified that Atif Aslam has been a part of every Race film. Hence, he wants him to sing a romantic song in Race 3 as well. This news was calming and joyful for Atif’s fans.

Almost a year ago, Atif Aslam was seen reciting the azaan and qawwali, which made his fans speculate that he would quit the music industry. After these speculations, Atif was asked if he was planning to leave the industry. To which he replied that leaving the music industry is a personal choice for him. He recites the azaan and other prayers to keep himself attached and connected with the god and religion. He would not give up on music, but he wants to highlight the important aspects of his community.

Further, Atif said that he feels content knowing that youngsters are getting inspired by him. Many youngsters are getting inclined towards religious prospects in their life. However, he clarified that he is still not quitting music. He also said that he was happy and satisfied after reciting the azaan and Tajdar-e-Haram at the Coke Studio. He could not sleep a night before the recording because he was excited and ecstatic to do it. The singer feels blessed that he got a chance to perform the prayers at the Coke Studio.

Such a clarification cleared the air of rumours about him quitting the Hindi music industry. Hope we get to hear Atif Aslam soon!

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