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Did KGF Chapter 2 Makers Reject 255 Crores Offer To Keep Their Promise Of Arriving In Theatres?

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KGF Chapter 2 is undoubtedly the most awaited movie in India. If not the pandemic, it could have been released last October and made its way to record books. But due to the pandemic, the movie is yet to make it on the big screens. But seems like, it has turned into a blessing in disguise!

As we all know, the pandemic has kick-started a trend of releasing films directly on OTT. Yes, the trend is a really good one and it helps to reach a wider audience, but it’s not-so-good for big-scale releases. If we give examples, KGF 2 is definitely on the list. Another is SS Rajamouli’s RRR. Such films are mainly meant for the big-screen experience.

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During the pandemic, we have even seen big releases taking the route of OTT, especially in Hollywood. Now, that’s not a smart choice but sometimes you can’t hold your product for more due to the economics attached to it. Thankfully, it seems KGF 2 makers are not bound by such compulsions and are ready to kick down some of the biggest offers.

Reportedly, KGF Chapter 2 has received an offer of a monstrous 255 crores. Yes, a streaming giant has offered this sum to the makers, to release their movie directly on OTT. The sum definitely quotes the hype of Prashanth Neel’s magnum opus. What’s more interesting is that the makers have rejected this huge sum.

As promised, KGF 2 makers are adamant about coming on big screens first. Now, that’s what we call confidence in your product and love for big screens!

Meanwhile, the reports state that KGF 2 is discussed for release during the Christmas Day weekend of 2021. As of now, from what we have learned, the movie is eyeing 21st December for release. If it happens, the movie will clash with Allu Arjun’s Pushpa.

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