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16-Time Champ Posts ‘Black John Cena’ aka Brendan Cobbina’s Pic & Fans Are Going Crazy

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John Cena recently shared a photo of his lookalike. The person had gone viral on social media and has been trending with the title “Black John Cena.” Due to the trend, even Cena has taken note of it.

Some time ago, 24-year bodybuilder, Brendan Cobbina shared a photo of himself on Twitter. The photo quickly got viral over social media platforms and people compared his looks to that of John Cena. His photo has become meme material for everyone and people have been laughing while making the comparison. 

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Since Cena is famous for posting the picture for every viral trend or every famous person on his Instagram handle, he did the same with Cobbina. Cena noticed the memes and shared the same picture of the bodybuilder on his Instagram handle. 


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When Brendan shared his picture on Twitter, he wrote, “Throwback to a photo. Yes, I cropped all of my close friends and kept myself.”

WWE superstar R-Truth saw the post and shared the same on his Twitter handle as well while sharing a video of Cena entering the WWE arena. However, instead of the real Cena, Black John Cena entered when his tune was played. 

While sharing the video, R-Truth wrote, “Black John Cena is trending huh?” The video was hilarious and the internet went crazy over it.

Due to Cobbina’s resemblance to Cena, he went viral on the internet overnight. He became a social media and internet sensation. His photo got more than 64,000 likes and since Cena has also shared the post, Cobbina’s is bound to attract more attention. 

Meanwhile, John Cena made a comeback at the end of Money In The Bank 2021 and challenged Roman Reigns for a match at the SummerSlam. Both the wrestlers will be fighting for the Universal title in the big event. Ever since Cena has been appearing regularly on WWE.

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