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What’s KGF Chapter 2 (Hindi) Budget? Well, The Film Has Already Earned Profit Of Over 250% & Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani Have Hit The Jackpot!

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KGF Chapter 2 has turned out to be one of the most profitable ventures in recent times. Especially its Hindi version has raked in the terrific moolah. With all box office numbers floating around, do you know the budget/cost of the Hindi version or how much profit it has made? Below is all you need to know.

KGF 2 is a pan-Indian release which is originally made in Kannada and dubbed in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. So, if the budget of the Hindi version is to be discussed, we can’t consider the making cost of the film. Instead, we will consider the amount at which the version was sold to the distributor.

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Budget of KGF Chapter 2 (Hindi)

If trade reports are to be believed, KGF Chapter 2’s Hindi version was sold at a price of a huge 90 crores. The price is really big considering the film’s total budget is 100 crores. Hitting the 150 crore mark would have made it a good profitable venture, but now, as the film’s Hindi version has clocked 300 crores, it’s raining money for distributors.

Celebration time for Farhan Akhtar & Ritesh Sidhwani!

For those who don’t know, KGF Chapter 2’s Hindi version was bought by Farhan and Ritesh’s Excel Entertainment. As the duo distributed the prequel too, they got a great deal with this one too.

KGF 2 has earned 321 crores approx till now. Keeping aside the purchasing amount of 90 crores, the film has already profits of a humongous 231 crores, which is 256.66% returns. Simply amazing!

A jackpot deal for Farhan and Ritesh!

400 crores is the next target

At a given pace, KGF Chapter 2 is eyeing the target of 400 crores with its Hindi version alone. If it happens, the film will hit the profit mark of over 340%, which is something outstanding.

Let’s see how the film performs in the next few days.

Stick to space for more!

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