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What’s 83’s Budget & Is It Really Heading In A ‘Theatrical Disaster’ Direction?

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Ranveer Singh’s 83 has been really unfortunate as the film got trapped between too much competition and a speculated wave of Covid-19. The effect of the same could be seen in box office numbers. So, as discussed by many, can we say that the film is heading in the direction of theatrical disaster? Let’s take a look at it in detail.

83’s business till now

Ranveer Singh’s biographical drama has done a decent business considering all the restrictions and competitors already present in theatres. The film has earned 91.27 crores at the end of day 10. The films like Spider-Man: No Way Home and Pushpa have already divided the multiplex and single screen audience, thus leaving a tough job in hand.

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The film is on its way to crossing the 100 crore mark, and it’s a decent total. But it’s the budget that is spoiling all the game.

What’s 83 budget and what’s the scope of entering into a safe zone?

Even though no official statement has been made about the film’s budget, strong reports state that Ranveer Singh‘s sports drama is one of the most expensive films in Bollywood. It is made on an estimated budget of 180 crores.

This amount could have been lower to an extent, but it’s the Covid that caused multiple delays, thus increasing the post-production costs. If we even talk about being an average box office grosser, 83 will need to at least recover its budget and earn a bit of extra money. And honestly, that looks impossible from hereon.

To become a semi-hit, the film will need to do a business of 225 crores. And to earn a super-hit status, the film will need to make 360 crores at the end of the Indian theatrical run. None of these things are happening, so 83 is definitely not a good theatrical grosser.

So, the question remains, ‘is the film heading into theatrical disaster direction?’ The answer is yes! Sadly, despite being good on the content front, 83 is a theatrical disaster with more than 80 crores yet to be recovered of its making cost.

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