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Thor: Love And Thunder: Budget, Break-Even & How Much It Needs To Earn To Become A Box Office Hit

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Thor: Love And Thunder starring Chris Hemsworth and Christian Bale is enjoying a good run at the box office. With Marvel backing the biggie, there’s high curiosity about the film’s budget and break-even. So here’s all you need to know. Also, we’ll be taking a look at how much collection it needs to become a clean hit.

‘Thun’derous opening weekend!

The fifth instalment in Thor films’ series took a terrific start at the box office and very much earned on the lines of predictions. It made $144.16 million in the domestic market (the US & Canada). The number also includes a collection from Thursday night previews. Speaking about the overseas territories, it accumulated a whopping $159.17 million, making the global weekend of $303.34 million.

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Even though it’s not officially confirmed, Thor: Love And Thunder is said to be made at a cost of $250 million. It includes production as well as a marketing cost and is a cakewalk to be fully recovered.

Break-even of Thor: Love And Thunder

As we can clearly see, with a budget of $250 million, the film needs to make $250 million-$300 million in the domestic market to reach the break-even point, which is a very task with weekend numbers almost hitting $150 million. As of now, the Chris Hemsworth starrer looks like a big profitable venture.

How much Thor: Love And Thunder needs to earn to become a box office hit?

As per the general box office rule, Thor: Love And Thunder needs to make double its cost to be a clean hit. It will need to earn $500 million in the domestic market to be a box office hit, and the picture will clear once the week 1 total comes in. Nonetheless, the film is on its way to become a good box office success.

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