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Brahmastra’s Budget Makes It The 2nd Most Expensive Hindi Film Ever, Saaho Is At The Top

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In the last few years, the Indian film industry has changed a lot and Brahmastra is just making it realize again. While the film’s trailer has already caught everyone’s attention, its budget is something which everyone is talking about. Graphically and scale-wise, this fantasy thriller looks a step higher. Keep reading to know more details.

Over the years, the budgets of Indian films have increased manifold with financers spending handsomely. With the increase in the number of theatrical screens, the opening of new markets, the rise of OTT and entertainment gaining huge momentum in people’s life, investors are ready to take big risks as multiple sources are available for recovery. Ranbir’s upcoming biggie too has been lucky enough to find such investors in the form of Dharma Productions, Star Studios and others.

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As revealed by Uday Shankar (Disney and Star India chairman, Uday Shankar), Brahmastra has crossed the figure of 300 crores in production but now we have an actual figure. As per insiders, the film is riding on a monstrous budget of 340 crores. Yes, that’s right! However, despite this number, it’s not the most expensive Hindi film made ever. It’s Prabhas‘ Saaho which is at the top with 350 crores. Here, Saaho has been considered a Hindi film because it’s a trilingual film which was simultaneously shot in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil.

So, Saaho is the most expensive Hindi film, followed by Brahmastra. Thugs Of Hindostan is in 3rd place with its cost standing at 320 crores.

With so much budget riding on it, it will be interesting to know what would be the complete economics of Brahmastra makers. They would be looking to crack some lucrative non-theatrical deals. We will surely keep an eye on it!

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