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Doctor Strange 2 Advance Booking Report For Day 1: After KGF 2 Storm, This Marvel Film To Bring Madness At The Box Office!

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If you are crazily awaiting the release of Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness aka Doctor Strange 2, then you are at the right place. Today, we have brought the day 1 advance booking report of the film across major Indian cities.

If you’re a Doctor Strange fan, you would be well aware that the highly-anticipated Marvel film has already crossed the mark of 20 crores in India. It’s almost equal to Spider-Man: No Way Home which had done a business of 22 crores through advance booking. We can say that after KGF Chapter 2, the sequel of Doctor Strange to bring a storm at the Indian box office.

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Let’s have a look at the advance booking report of Doctor Strange 2 in different versions across major Indian cities:


Starting with 2D versions first, English 2D is showing around 15% shows in filling fast mode. For Hindi 2D, around 5% of shows are filling fast.

In English 3D, 35-40% of shows are running with almost full occupancy in advance booking. Hindi 3D is decent with around 20% shows filling fast. Now coming to IMAX 3D (English), out of 46 shows, 42 are almost full.

For 4DX 3D for both Hindi and English, all shows are almost full with a few being already sold out.


In English 2D, around 20% of shows are filling fast. The Hindi version is showing a low buzz with just around 5% of shows being almost full for Doctor Strange 2.

English 3D is running extremely good with 45-50% shows in filling fast mode and there are already houseful boards at several places. Hindi 3D is comparatively low with 30-35% shows in filling fast mode. For IMAX 3D, 20 out of 25 shows are filling fast and 5 are already full.

For 4DX 3D, 50% of shows are sold out, while the other 50% would become full the time you read this update.


For both English and Telugu versions, the response is dull for 2D as all tickets are easily available.

For 3D, the English version is rocking with around 70% shows in filling fast mode. Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and Kannada versions are all blank. For IMAX 3D, 90% of shows are almost full, while the remaining 10% are sold out.

For 4DX 3D, Doctor Strange 2’s 95% of shows are almost full in advance booking, while the other 5% are sold out.


For English 2D, around 25% of shows are almost full in advance booking. Hindi 2D has only 9 shows and out of them, 3 are almost full. Telugu 2D version is showing 30-35% shows in filling fast mode.

English 3D is on a rampage mode here for Doctor Strange 2 with 70-75% shows almost full with houseful boards at some places. Hindi and Telugu 3D have around 20-25% shows in filling fast mode.

All 4DX 3D shows are sold out here for day 1.


Response for both English and Hindi 2D is dull with just a few shows here and there in filling fast mode.

In 3D, the English version is showing a really good response with 50-55% shows filling fast. The Hindi version is good too with 30-35% shows almost full. For IMAX 3D, there are 8 shows in the city and out of them, 2 are sold out while others will get full by the time you read this.

So, as you can see, for Doctor Strange 2, moviegoers are preferring 3D and higher versions the most as Marvel has a reputation for delivering a visual spectacle. The response is constant throughout all major Hollywood markets in India.

Meaning of terms used: 

Filling fast- it means shows are almost full in advance booking

all blank- it means the response is dull and seats are easily available

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