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777 Charlie Budget & Collection: Rakshit Shetty Starrer Earns 300% Profit, It’s A Mega Success

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Rakshit Shetty and Charlie starrer 777 Charlie has raked in wonders at the Indian box office. Released on 10th June, the film has completed 23 days run in theatres. With one month soon going to be completed, the film has put on a huge collection and earned huge profits by recovering its budget. Scroll below to know about it.

Helmed by Kiranraj K., the film is a story of a lonely man named Dharma whose life gets changed when he gets a friend in the form of a cute dog Charlie. Their bond grows so much that fulfilling Charlie’s desire becomes a purpose of Dharma’s life. It’s an emotional rollercoaster ride and has received thumbs up from critics as well as the audience and the love is clearly reflected through the box office collection.

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Till yesterday (2nd July), 777 Charlie completed 23 days in theatres and has accumulated 80 crores (all languages) till now. The collection is really huge considering the film has a low budget of 20 crores and as compared to that, the film has done exceptionally well in terms of returns.

If we subtract the budget of 20 crores from the collection, 777 Charlie stands at returns of 60 crores. When converted to a percentage, it’s a whopping profit of 300% and is no less than a blockbuster!

Meanwhile, in our review of the film, we gave 777 Charlie a popcorn score of 9 out of 10. We described it as a masterpiece which deserves your watch at any cost. It’s a beautiful and unique tale of love between a man and a dog. If you love animals, then this film will make you more humble and if you aren’t much fond of animals, you will surely adopt one after watching it. Click here to read the full review.

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