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Why Hadi Choopan Didn’t Win Mr Olympia 2021? Know Some Brutally Honest Truths

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Mr Olympia 2021 wrapped up a few hours back. As we predicted, Big Ramy retained the title by bringing the mass plus conditioning. But once again, Hadi Choopan fans didn’t get to see what they have been waiting for. Fans are dying to see their favourite and the most consistent bodybuilder to win the biggest competition in the pro-wrestling industry. Let us break it to you, why Hadi isn’t winning.

Hadi made his Mr Olympia debut in 2019 and impressed the world with his package. He managed to grab the 3rd spot on his debut and that’s a huge feat in itself. Last year, Hadi was part of the top 5 as he grabbed 4th place. And talking about this year, Hadi saw an increment as he jumped to 3rd place.

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All these three Mr Olympia competitions show Hadi is a big competitor and has the potential of becoming the world champ. This year, he came really close but failed to win the trophy (although he won the People’s choice award).


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Why Hadi Choopan didn’t win Mr Olympia 2021?

Rules are changed, so we need to change to…

It’s pretty clear that the judges are considering size first in Men’s open category. And that’s where Big Ramy and Brandon Curry scored over Hadi. Curry knew that to take on a man like Ramy, he needs to upgrade his size. Curry did it and we all know, how tough competition he gave to Ramy. On the contrary, Hadi downsized himself (just a bit) and decided to play on his own strengths. He brought the best conditioning on the stage. Just imagine, if he could have packed a bit of mass, the picture could have been different.

Late poser

This year, we saw one thing clearly that Hadi Choopan used to start posing very late. Compared to others, when dictated to pose different muscles, he was the last one to start, thus giving him very little time to display his muscles. Don’t know what’s the problem but Hadi takes a glimpse at his fellow competitors before hitting the pose.

Not holding the pose much

This is really a big problem for Hadi Choopan, and it’s connected to his late posing. As he hits the pose a bit late, he gets very little time to hold it before the next pose is dictated. Hadi needs to improve a lot in this area as we saw how it gave Ramy an edge over others, last year.

If worked upon these three areas of weaknesses, the result could have been very different for Hadi and his fans in Mr Olympia 2021.

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