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Mr Olympia 2021 Results: Big Ramy Retains The Title, See Who Are In Top 5

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The results for Mr Olympia 2021 are finally out! Unlike the last year, this year’s competition was a nail-biting thriller. Big Ramy, who won in 2020, managed to successfully retain his title. Below is all you need to know about the results.

Ever since pre-judging, it was pretty clear that the competition would be very tough. The lineup was really strong and there was a question in everyone’s mind, who would take on Ramy? Well, Brandon Curry did an amazing job by giving him tough competition and made the show more interesting.

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Starting from the 1st position, here are Mr Olympia 2021 results

Big Ramy

Ramy is now 2X Mr Olympia as he repeated last year’s victory. Once again, he brought a great package on the stage with the body as heavy as 303 pounds with decent conditioning. We used decent here because last year we saw the best package of Ramy. Nonetheless, his mass monster physique did enough of a job for him.

Brandon Curry

Ramy was a one-sided winner last year from the word go. In Mr Olympia 2021, Brandon Curry made sure to give reigning champions some chills. Till the very last moment, judges were making comparisons between Curry and Ramy, which was enough to prove the package brought on the stage. Curry was a bit heavy with more mass and conditioning too was good. He is the runner-up this year.

Hadi Choopan

Hadi Choopan received an honour with the People’s Choice Award this year. Yesterday, he wasn’t part of the final call out, as judges only compared the physiques of Big Ramy and Brandon Curry. However, today, Hadi was included among the two. He was the most conditioned man on the stage and had the best proportions. He managed 3rd place.

Hunter Labrada

Hunter’s jump was the biggest surprise here. Last year, on his debut, Hunter bagged the 8th spot. Jumping four places up, Hunter became a part of the top 5 as he bagged 4th spot. His V taper and overall structure was aesthetically pleasing.

Nicholas Walker aka Nick Walker

This young man is having a dream run! After winning Arnold Classic, Nick Walker managed to bag 5th spot on Mr Olympia debut. That’s really huge! He’s truly a mass monster and he knows how to come conditioned on the stage.

Below are our top 5:


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