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With Wrestlemania 37, WWE Has Passed The Torch To New Faces

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WWE fans are really tired of hearing different speculations on the return of old superstars. Thankfully, the promotion proved everyone wrong and passed the torch to new faces through Wrestlemania 37.

Honestly speaking, there was a mixed feeling about Wrestlemania 37. As for the first time, the event was going to take place in the absence of both The Undertaker and John Cena. Cena made his Mania debut on 20th year, and since then, he has been part of all events till Wrestlemania 36. Speaking of The Undertaker, the deadman from Death Valley is synonymous with this special event. And with both big box office attractions being absent, everyone’s eyes were on 2021’s edition.

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Not just Cena and The Undertaker but even the speculated return of Brock Lesnar didn’t happen. And for that, we really thank WWE! With all such challenges to come over, Wrestlemania 37 put up a great show, much better than Wrestlemania 36. Without being dependent on oldies, we saw some new faces getting responsibilities. Surprisingly, even some mid-card matches looked really good.

One of the best performers of Wrestlemania 37 was Cesaro. Not that Cesaro is really a new face for fans but he really got the spotlight which was usually stolen by big stars. His match with Seth Rollins was highly entertaining and technically sound, which is need of the hour for WWE. Interestingly, it got the biggest cheers compared to many of the highly anticipated matches. No surprise, the Swiss Cyborg is getting an exciting push as a challenger of Roman Reigns, the glimpse of which we saw during last week’s SmackDown.

Cesaro face-to-face with Roman Reigns
image source- Instagram | image by- Cesaro

After Cesaro, another fresh face that entertained us was Bad Bunny. Many eyebrows were raised by looking at the push he was given on weekly episodes. He justified all the hype by performing some amazing moves and showing that he was well-prepared for the Wrestlemania match. There’s a big question on how long he will be associated with WWE, but for the time being, fans are positively inclined towards him.

Another fresh face is Bianca Belair, who has got her biggest push of career after coming in force since 2018. She had the main event of Wrestlemania 37’s first night, and she literally nailed it. She defeated Sasha Banks and is currently SmackDown Women’s Champion. She has shown the potential to lead WWE women’s division.

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