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Samoa Joe Returns To Impact Wrestling After Getting Released By WWE?

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In the last few days, a lot has been happening in the pro-wrestling industry. Be it a war of television ratings or the news of big players shifting to other promotions, everything is grabbing eyeballs. The latest is about veteran Samoa Joe, who is all set to return to Impact Wrestling after enjoying a short run in WWE.

For those who aren’t aware, Samoa was released by WWE on 15th April 2021. It came as a huge surprise because he had appeared on the commentary panel of Wrestlemania 37 just a few days back. It was called another Black Day in WWE’s history after the release of the same scale that happened after Wrestlemania 36.

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Most of the pro-wrestling fans would be aware that Samoa Joe enjoyed a decent run in Impact Wrestling much before joining WWE. Seems like, Samoa is back to the old house. At last night’s Rebellion 2021 pay-per-view, a promo of the next event, Slammiversary was unveiled and it featured a face of Samoa too, thus creating ripples amongst fans.

Check out the video below:

The event is scheduled to take place in July and till then, Samoa Joe is expected to be in perfect condition for the in-ring action.

Why Samoa was out of action and reasons behind his release by WWE

Back in 2019, Samoa suffered a concussion while shooting for a commercial of WWE. Since then, he was out of action. Reports had it that, Samoa was desperate for a return but wasn’t cleared to perform. It’s learned that WWE had issues with Samoa’s age and weight, which led to his release. He made a debut NXT in 2015.

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