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Mr Olympia 2022: Hadi Choopan Wins The Well-Deserved Title, Here’s The Complete Winner List

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Finally, Mr Olympia 2022 has ended and it’s Hadi Choopan who as a winner has walked away with the title! This year’s competition has been fully satisfying as per the standards and parameters for which true pro-bodybuilding fans have been rooting. Let’s discuss it further and see the complete winner list.

After years of showing super consistent conditioning along with a good package of muscle, Hadi, the Persian wolf, has finally got his due as he won the Mr Olympia title. This year’s competition had been really interesting, with fans unable to determine who the real winner was till the last moment.

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In Men’s Open Bodybuilding division, after Hadi Choopan, judges’ second favourite was Derek Lunsford. He was the biggest surprise of this year as in his debut itself, he managed to make his mark by garnering 2nd position. Nick Walker, who looked his best ever, grabbed the 3rd spot. The real shocker was Big Ramy, the defending champion, who got pushed to the 5th place. Brandon Curry got placed at the 4th place.

Such results in Men’s Open Bodybuilding made it clear that for Mr Olympia 2022, judges were looking for good conditioning along muscle quality, which is actually a good sign for the future of bodybuilding sports.

Below are the results other divisions of Mr Olympia 2022:

Men’s 212 Bodybuilding– Shaun Clarida (winner), Angel Calderon Frias (2nd) & Kamal Elgarni (3rd)

Men’s Classic Physique- Chris Bumstead (winner), Ramon Rocha Queiroz (2nd) & Urs Calecinski (3rd)

Men’s Physique- Erin Banks (winner), Brandon Hendrickson (2nd) & Diogo Montenegro (3rd)

Men’s Wheelchair Bodybuilding- Harold Kelley (winner), Gabriele Andriulli (2nd) & Antoni Khadraoui (3rd)

Women’s Bodybuilding (Ms Olympia)– Andrea Shaw (winner), Angela Yeo (2nd) & Helle Trevino (3rd)

Women’s Physique- Natalia Abraham Coelho (winner), Sarah Villegas (2nd) & Brooke Walker (3rd)

Women’s Fitness- Missy Truscott (winner), Jaclyn Baker (2nd) & Ariel Khadr (3rd)

Women’s Figure- Cydney Gillon (winner), Jessica Reyes Padilla (2nd) & Lola Montez (3rd)

Women’s Bikini- Maureen Blanquisco (winner), Jennifer Dorie (2nd) & Ashley Kaltwasser (3rd)

Women’s Wellness- Francielle Mattos (winner), Isabelle Nunes (2nd) & Angela Borges (3rd)

Congratulations to all the winners of Mr Olympia 2022 competition!

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