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Sonu Nigam Backs Amit Kumar Over Indian Idol 12 Controversy: “You Are Taking Undue Advantage”

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Indian Idol 12 controversy has been all over the internet for the past few weeks. Post Kishore Kumar special episode, Amit Kumar and Abhijeet Sawant, Sunidhi Chauhan broke the silence and presented the reality in front of her audience. Now it is Sonu Nigam who has given his statement on the controversy. Let’s read what the veteran has to say.

For those who don’t know, Sonu Nigam has been on the judging panel of Indian Idol. He has released a video on social media asking the makers of the show to end the controversy and stop taking the advantage of Amit Kumar’s silence.

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The Indian Idol 12 controversy has been in the news ever since its Kishore Kumar special episode went on air. The viewers felt that the contestants of the show did not do justice to the beautifully sung songs of Kishore Kumar. After the comments were broiled on social media, Kishoreda’s son, Amit said that he did not enjoy the episode. He was a special guest on the episode and shared that he was asked to appreciate the contestants despite how they sing.

A similar statement was given by Sunidhi Chauhan. She said that she quit the show because Sunidhi was asked to praise the contestants irrespective of how they sing. The kids were neither given honest reviews nor were they aware of constructive criticism. Hence, Sunidhi decided to quit the show. Not just Sunidhi, Indian Idol’s host, Aditya Narayan had earlier expressed his disappointment on Amit’s words.

However, Sonu Nigam does not seem to be happy with people pointing fingers at Amit Kumar. He asked the makers and the audience not to take undue advantage of Amit’s silence.

Sonu said, “Nobody can do justice to Kishore Kumar’s songs. His son Amit Kumar is a great man, and he has seen this industry much more than us. He is a quiet and dignified person. Amit is not saying anything, and you are taking undue advantage of it.”

Sonu Nigam said that the makers of the show are not wrong in telling Amit Kumar to encourage kids by saying good things. He didn’t forget to say that social media is ruthless.

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